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    I've been working on cross training for the past several weeks, which is why you haven't heard from me in a while. It is no where near finished yet, but I'm making good progress on it. I'm still planning to complete it by the end of November. There are basically two ways of adding cross training to this site. The quick and dirty way is to piggy back everything as a run entry, and simply add an extra dropdown on the edit run page so you can select the type of workout. The alternative is to do a massive reorganization, and do things correctly because it is unprofessional to have data fields that are completely unrelated to the sport. The difference between these two methods is 3 weeks versus 2 months. Although it is time consuming, it will also be much more flexible, and will allow you to create your own workouts. I divided this project into two phases. The first phase involves modifying the site to support cross training, and this will take up most of the time. The second phase is to create pages to add/edit/view workouts. So far, I've reorganized the database (on my development machine, of course). I also rewrote the database layer to ensure greater site security, not that it is vulnerable right now. I just think that I can do better. I converted much of the site to use the new database format. I still have to modify the search/graph pages. Once that is done, then I will be ready for phase 2. I'll talk more about when I get there. If you have an questions or concerns, just drop me a note. eric Smile
      I finished converting all running log related code to use the new (hopefully more flexible) database last night. I still need to do the same thing for the forums, which should be done by this weekend. I'll take the next week to test everything and to fix bugs. After that, it's only a matter of designing/adding new pages to support cross training.
        It's status update time. Phase 1 is completed. I won't go into the details of the work involved since that'll just bore most of you. Sad thing about phase 1 is that if I did a good job, you will not notice any changes to the site, because everything is done behind the scenes. I haven't uploaded the changes yet because I like to test some more first. There will be a couple of hours of down time in the next few weeks for the upgrade. I'll let you know well in advance of when that will be. Now that the painful part is over, I started working on actually adding cross training. The plan was to update the site after I add each cross training, beginning with cycling and swimming. However, my plan might change a little because my friend volunteered to work on adding Google Map support. He has most of the work done, and I need to spend some time on putting all the pieces together. There haven't been much changes to the site in the past couple of months other than minor bug fixes, but there will be a flurry of changes coming. Hopefully, you will find them useful. eric Smile
          It's update time again. Now that I finished the NYC Marathon, I can devote even more time to the task at hand. It turned out that I was wrong in my last post when I said phase 1 was complete. I was snagged on the run types for the last two weeks because I want you to be able to create your own workout types like how you can create your own run types. Running, being the only child of the site for the longest time, didn't like its new biking sibling. It took a lot of coaxing to get it to play nice. As of last night, biking is complete, and I started work on adding swimming. What other workouts/sports do you want to keep track of? I can add whatever you want, but you'll have to tell me what you want to record. I am hoping that I can post these additions in two weeks.