Garmin upload problems on computer? (Read 47 times)

    I'm having problems with my Garmin 310xt uploading data to ANT+ & Garmin Training Center.    It used to work but now doesn't seem to sync with my computer and it seems like I've tried everything!!  Any suggestions?!

      Sometimes the 310xt (looks like the 610 as well) has an issue where the date changes and reverts back to 2007. Check to see if you have workouts from 2007 in your history. If the date changed on you, then RA and GTC may not upload your latest workouts because they are actually old workouts according to the date. Go to Garmin Forums and search for this problem. Its happened once to my 310xt but did a hard reset which enables you to reset the satellites to get your date correct again. Eric also did something on his end to get the workouts uploading again. I think he cleared out my workouts or somwthing, not sure.


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        Had the same problem.

        Look for any runs from 2007 like burnt toast suggested. Delete them all. Then check every run to see if there are any runs with 0.00 in the data fields. You know, it usually says you ran 4.5 miles at a 8:30 pace but all you see is a run with 0:00 and 0 miles. Delete any of those. Turn off and on and try again. If that does not work then do the hard reset.


        I had the same problem where the 310 would try and try to upload data but it never quite wnet through. After a lot of digging I found the tips on deleting 2007 and 0:00 runs and it all works fine again.