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    First, thanks for all the advice from everyone on the other jogging stroller threads I've been involved with.  I wanted to post a little update since I've now raced more locally with my BOB jogger double.


    Two weekends ago, I raced the Miles for Midwives 5k in Brooklyn.  I've raced this 2 or 3 times in the past and won each time.  Last year I'd heard they had a stroller division so I figured I'd make that my goal for the '13 race.


    As the season went on and I ran more comfortably and faster with the twins in the BOB, I started to put together grandiose plans to place overall.  Those plans solidified after I got 2nd place in another local 5k pushing the stroller, and had a PR in a different 5k sans stroller, plus a few other solid races.  More importantly, the kids now seem to like the stroller and don't cry (they sleep or just watch the trees go by).


    This year for Miles for Midwives I started on the line with the stroller, and off to the side (usually I've started with the stroller in the back).  A bit before the gun, some very annoying people purposefully moved in front of me.  They were not even remotely likely to be running fast (you know the type), but they just didn't want a stroller in front of them. I just smiled and let them do their thing, it's supposed to be fun for everyone after all, but I will admit I was a bit annoyed.


    When the gun went off I was on top of them and did a bit of (friendly) shouting to get out of the way.


    I have a longer race report on my tumblr thingie so if anyone is curious, feel free to check it out in more detail.  But overall, I worked my way to the front of the race and by mile 2ish was leading.  I kept the lead and powered through to an overall win, pushing the stroller.


    Very happy, had a fun day, and kept my title.


    Last weekend my wife and twins took a mini vacation to Lake Placid.  No Ironman this time, but we did a lot of walking (which is actually something I'm used to doing in the Ironman lol).  We returned home to find a huge box in our entryway.  Turns out BOB Strollers decided to sponsor me afterall (I had another link about this falling through last year).  They sent a brand new BOB Double Ironman.  Nice!  Too bad it's toward the end of the racing season, but we'll just bundle up and put in the winter miles to get a jump on 2014!

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      Congratulations! And I'm glad BOB stepped up, finally. Your twins look adorable!

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          A win and a sponsorship!  Congrats!

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            Congrats! Pretty awesome win and very cute twins!


              Thanks, here's another one (I've become one of *those* people)



              HTFU?  Why not!

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                Super cute babies! And congrats. Smile


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                  Nice! FTW, 2ways!


                  (told ya you could start on the line!)



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                    Thanks, here's another one (I've become one of *those* people)




                    Don't be silly; when your kids are that cute, you're allowed to share them everywhere.


                    Congrats on the win