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    Any plans on incorporating some type of food/nutrition tracker here in RA? Maybe something similar to what Trainingpeaks has?


    I track everything I eat at another site but it would be awesome to keep it all here in RA. Even if it wasn't necessarily a tracker, but even like a food log where we could make notes on what we ate each meal. I'm sure this wouldn't be a high priority project, but thought it might be a nice addition. 


      I would love to incorporate a diet log but I don't think I have the time and resources to build one just yet.



        I thought of two possible ways to do what it sounds like you wish to.

        1. You could send yourself personal messages, maybe at the end of each day, that list what you ate.
        2. You could add a new workout type called "Food," or maybe a few types called "Breakfast," "Lunch," "Dinner," and "Snack," and list your food using these entries.

        What I like about option 2 is that the entries would show up on your calendar and you could compare daily physical activity against eating.



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          Thanks for the ideas Carl. 


          @Eric - I figured it would be pretty difficult to build something like this. I've noticed this feature popping up in sites like trainingpeaks and mapmyrun so I figured I'd bring it up here. RA is clearly the best online log, so maybe at some point in the future you could work it in when you get the time/resources. Thanks for all you do! Perhaps one idea that might be easier would just have a couple extra sections in the "health" entries.