Avia shoes (Read 508 times)

I fly.

    Anyone run in them? I just came into a free pair and I'm trying to figure out if they are really meant for running (I usually wear Asics). (If it matters, they are Avi-Lite.)

    Bring it on.

    Jeri from Houston

      The Avi Lite is an excellent shoe that I wear tested for Avia. I am currently wearing my 5th pair. I put 613 miles on a Production model. I wear size 9 and they weigh 9.4 oz. I can wear it as an everyday shoe but; most consider it a fast paced shoe and many use it to race in at distances up to and including the marathon I also wear tested the ASICS Speedstar, Kinsei, DS Racer VII, DS Trainer XI and XII.