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    Hi All,

    Any one get any new running shoes they love lately?


    What do you do with your old worn out running shoes?


      I don't love my shoes.  They are not new.  I'm thinking about some new ones, so I'll be following this thread closely.



        I recently picked up a pair of the Kinvara 3 (in my avi pic) and absolutely love them. They are my all-time favorite and I'm a running shoe addict.


        I donate old shoes to a local thrift shop.

          I usually wear my old running shoes doing yard work, painting and especially when I TAR the driveway........that pretty much does it for them and I end up throwing them away afterwards...


          I've learned NOT to fall in love with running shoes --- running shoes are very fickle and will leave you soon and you probably wont be able to find another pair because they are obsolete so quickly........when it come to running shoes I now find it better to 'play the field' and not settle down.     If I could find one decent pair of running shoe that I could love (and they would love me back) and they wouldn't leave me or 'totally change to something I can even recognize" in a year, I'd settle down with them.....but I don't think that will ever happen....    SO, I probably always be a running shoe whore...Big grin

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            I've always had great luck with Mizuno Alchemys, but now I'm transitioning into the Altra Provisioness and am loving them so far.

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