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    Will have the opportunity to do some beach runs next week.  Aside from the climate adjustment and remembering sunscreen, my usual minimalist shoes?  or something with more support?  Barefoot?  Anyone with beach feet experience?  What say you?.....  Cool




      Hat, Sunglasses Cool, barefoot, run on semi wet sand, enjoy!

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        Hat, Sunglasses Cool, barefoot, run on semi wet sand, enjoy!


        +1 Except don't overdo it at first. I enjoy running barefoot at the beach, but one time I went on a 10 mile beach run and ended up with huge blisters on the soles of my feet. Your feet need to acclimate to the sand. If you choose to run with shoes, your regular shoes will be fine, but make sure you run on wet (firm) sand.

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          thanx folks!  looking forward to it!Cool



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            Run on the flattest part of the wet sand.  If there's a significant slope from land to water, don't run it -- running on a side slope for a long distance can cause injury. Assuming it's salt water beach, come back at low tide, your best chance of finding lots of runnable sand



              Barefoot on the flat sand right where the wave are just ending is great........hat, minimal running gear and sunscreen.......

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                flat, wet and barefoot.... got it!    Cool