Are you a "dog" (social) or "cat" (I run by myself) runner? (Read 313 times)

    Because we need another poll that isn't fishing for business ideas...I used to be exclusively a cat runner but now enjoy running with groups.

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      Although I'd like to be a dog sometimes, there aren't any others close enough or on the same general schedule to make it worthwhile joining, so I'm a cat.  If I could though, I'd even promise to wear shoes.

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        Meow. Running is "me" time. Sometimes it's nice to share, but mostly I want to be alone.

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          Don't get me wrong...I like other people.  But most definitely: meow.


          rather be sprinting

            Mostly alone because I'm highly internal and like to pay attention to my effort level and form, and simply don't have the energy to monitor others, too. But sometimes I enjoy track workouts with others so I can pace off of them and push myself.  I mean, I do good workouts on my own, too, but sometimes it's good to change it up and simulate racing a little.  Also to make sure I"m not overdoing or underdoing it, as I might on my own.

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              I'm a Hyena runner - I like to run in packs and tear apart the loner prey.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                Apparently you haven't met my cat.


                  Cat by preference, dog if I can find someone for track workouts.

                    Anti-social runner, so, meow?  But I run with my dog now, and while he loves running with me, he hates cats.

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                      Apparently you haven't met my cat.

                      Only one of the 7 I've lived with has been anti-social!


                      I'm a cat runner but a dog cyclist.  I don't often enjoy riding alone.

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                        Flightless bird.

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                          I dislike cats.They're relatively indoor creatures. I run alone outdoors, but will not vote as cat. I'll pet friendly dogs and an occasional dog will run with me.

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                            Most of the time I meow. Occasionally, my boyfriend will come along (more like I drag him because I'm not a cat person).

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                              I used to have a group of friends that ran together.  In fact it is really how we became close friends.  But before that I was a cat and out of necessity I am relearning how to be a cat.

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                                I'm the only one who has voted, "bark more than meow!"  I've had a running partner since 2006, and we run together two or three times a week.  The other times, I'm on my own.  I like running with her, because even though she's 12 years older than I am, she's faster and always pushes me to do more than I think I can.