Can't get logged back in (Read 48 times)


    I haven't logged in for the past 5 months and when I tried to get back in my old account, the email address doesn't seem to be recognized. Is there some sort of administrator that can help me figure out how to get back in? I tried the forgotten password but since it doesn't seem to know my email, it doesn't work (I have tried all my different ones just in case it got changed somehow)  I can see my old account is still there from the public view so I know it's still there.




      If you send an email to Eric Smile via the feedback link, he should be able to help: http://www.runningahead.com/feedback

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        I'm guessing that you can't log in after you switched to a different browser, or upgraded to Internet Explorer 10.  The reason is you did not provide a valid email address (i.e. no '@' and domain name).  The browser you're using enforces the proper email address.  If this is the case, you should try logging in with IE8 or 9.  If that's not the case, or you don't have access to an older version of IE, please contact me with the screen name and email address of the old account and I'll look into it.


        eric Smile