4th consecutive pr in row! (Read 598 times)

    first race in over 25 yrs June,2008 26:24 for 5k surprised me & got me motivated.  have now posted 4 straight 5k pr's after today's 22:08.   just trying to slowly improve.  goal was under 23 & maybe 22:30.  So now I guess my goal must be under 22:00.  previous was  23:02 one month ago.  not impressive by elite stds, but not bad for 53 yrs. old after 25 yrs racing absence.  I know, I know what some of you are saying "you must have had another 8 or 9s in you"
      Congratulations.  That's a nice buildup you've put together - paying dividneds.  Keep it up.
        thanks!   from someone of your level, that means alot.  think I need to begin to add  1 or 2 mid range runs (5-7) during week
          Good job. Congrats.

          First or last...it's the same finish line

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