That "Donate" button (again) (Read 472 times)


    I've had other thoughts.



    Those that login and are NOT members already see the "Join Now" tab at the top of each page. I don't see any reason to change this. (I assume most of us in this thread never see this tab.)



    Do not call the button/tab "Donate." Call it subscription status, membership or something more pleasing.



    The tab at the top of each page does not have to be right next to the current tabs:


    Home | Training Log | Resources | Community


    What if it is placed to the far right next to the "Options" tab?


    I rarely keep my screen large enough to see this side of the page but I would also easily find it when I wish.



    I do like the idea of putting more money in NOT changing my membership renewal date.


    srlopez - would you find any of these suggestions more palatable?


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      well, if I woke up tomorrow with a donate linky on every page, I'd be fine with that too.  Isn't a big thing to me.  I would prefer not to see donate, donate, donate, but it isn't a big thing.


      1. I definitely agree that there should be a way to pony up that isn't tied to extending subscription.  I don't consider it a "donation" (more in a sec), I'm just willing to pay more for features that I really REALLY like and a service provider who goes above and beyond the call compared to other providers.  I, intentionally and by choice, pay more for good beer than crappy beer.  And, similar-but-different, I will pay extra for a beer in a bar... and that bar's vibe... than I will for similar beer in a grocery store that I'd drink by meself at home.


      2. "Donate" is kind of a semantics thing with me.  To sluggo's point, the word itself is something I associate with charity and such.  With ads and subscriptions now being sources of revenue (I hope!), it's weird that the third source uses this specific word.  Even if fundamentally it still means "give money of your own free will that you do not have to give".  But that's a personal thing, and please re-read the top.  Ain't that big a deal. Then again, another word probably will just look like "I swapped in a word, but yeah, donate".  So no big deal.


      With that, I will step back.


        those peeps most pre-disposed to 'donate' are the ones that actively use the RA log.  put the button (however named) on the Summary page, it won't be intrusive as everyone who see it already appreciate Eric's efforts and will be thankful for a reminder that this contribution link exists.

        My leg won't stop mooing.


        i think i've got a calf injury.

          I have found the button personally, and I have subscribed + donated.


          I don't really have any opinions personally about it all, I am just happy to give to a site that I find to be Superb!


          Great job Eric!   That's all I've got to say about it... :-)

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