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    Hi all! So Im running the Disney Marathon this weekend! Excited but nervous about my lack of preparation. I ran the Marathon last year. It took me forever but it still was a really good experience. I went from couch to marathon with a 6 month training program. Since then I have participated in half marathons (2:18) and 5k's. I started my 6 month traning program this past July and did well until october...then slack set in. Suddenly if one kid wasnt sick, i was sick...then there was the holidays...and then the new puppy. Life got in the way. Dont get me wrong, ive still been running. But Ive definetly missed out on some runs including my 20 mile run. My longest run was 17 miles. Some runs i feel amazing, some i feel not so amazing. I know i could have trained better. Running is something that I have to work towards. Im not a natural. I am in shape however I dont want to be the undertrained person trying to complete a marathon. At the same time i dont want to dip out. Ive trained, but im sure it hasnt been enough...otherwise i would feel more accomplished. Am i being harsh on myself or am i crazy to run this weekend? (p.s. Im going to do a walk/run...run 6 min and walk one)


      you missed your 20 mile run??  You're doomed!



      Just kidding, you should be fine.  Keep smiling, enjoy the race, and take lots of pictures with the characters on the course.


      Running is stupid

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        You'll be fine.   Just keep your effort slightly easier than maybe you would have otherwise.  Keep it conversational effort until at least 16-18

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        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7


          Ha. Thanks Everyone..I think im just getting nervous and thinking of all the things i SHOULD have done differently. I know i will be super pumped once i get there. Thats whats amazing about the Disney race to me. Its just a lot of fun! Thanks again!