Returning and met with foot pain. (Read 83 times)


    Hi all,

      First post to the site and I am looking for some  advice.

    I am Ex-army and used to running. When i was "in" we were running about 6 miles a day at Ft Campbell. Unfortunately I found out i had a brain illness in afghanistan and lost the ability to walk for about 6 months. During the next year I was shot up with steriods which, coupled with, and not dealing well with the illness im ashamed to say i gained 100lbs. ):


    On the bright side i learned to walk again and have begun my journey to fitness again.


    My issue is that everytime i run even one mile my feet hurt so bad i can barely walk the rest of the day and the next. I bought new asics for my flatfeet and i have been trying to focus on my form when landing and pushing off but it gets so bad that when i push off it feels like the bottum of my foot is about to rip in half.


    Im afraid its just cause of the weight and maybe i just wont be able to run? That would truly be upsetting because i really do love it.


    I am open to Any advice or questions. Just want to run again.


      You should probably see a Dr. just to make sure there are no medical issues in your feet.


      A few years ago I worked out with a heavy set friend.  He had knee pain from playing football as a youngster.  We would use the elliptical for cardio because he said his knees could not withstand the running.  A few years later he ran a half-marathon and was training for a full marathon.  I asked him how his knees were.  He said that he just started running very short distances and stayed consistent.  His knees finally got strong enough that the pain went away.


      You might have to limit your time and distance to start out and be patient about increasing too soon.

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        glad to see you back at it and thank you for your service.


        I think you have ease back into it. remember you are starting at Square 1. start walking a mile for a couple days. then incorporate intervals of 5 minutes of running then walking. as you get stronger reduce the walk intervals. then start increasing the distance. remember rest is just as important as working out and if you need an easy day - take it! your body gets stronger when you break it down AND give it rest to let it rebuild itself stronger.

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          PF maybe? Or something similar? Having learned more than I ever wanted about plantar fasciitis due to my and my daughter's bouts with it, including that flat feet tend to burden the fascia and I'm sure the weight doesn't help, try some over the counter inserts maybe to reduce the stretching of the fascia.


          my feet felt like you described yours feeling after running for a long long time. Over the counter insoles cleaned that right up. Eventually even running became more or less pain free.