Auto Centre functionality on 'new route' creation - what do you think... (Read 413 times)

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    Hi All


    As you know, Running Ahead was recently updated to provide us all with whole load of great new functionality (thanks Eric!).


    One thing that changed a lot was the mapping/elevation etc for new routes and many of these new features are really excellent.


    However - one thing that changed is how 'auto centre' works when you create a new route. In the past the old system used to re-centre after each point was added so that the user can see all around the last point added to the route. The new release only auto-centres when the last point is much closer to the edge of the visible map.


    From a personal viewpoint I feel that the older way was better than the new way but before asking for this to be put back to the way it was I thought I'd post here to see what others think.


    What do people think?




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      I find that the previous way could be disorienting when the map moves with each click.  I like the change Big grin

        I turn it off -- I like to move the map myself.  (Yes, I have control issues.)  I know which direction I'm heading as I map, and I like to see the roads in that direction.  Every time it auto-centers, I see less of the upcoming region than I'd prefer.  And zooming out makes some of the roads hard to click on.

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