Face Book Posting (Read 379 times)

DS Johnson

    I have two FB accounts a personal and a work. I would like my work outs to post to my work account. I have the app enabled but my work outs never post on my Drill Sergeant page. However, if I check the summaries it shows that the workouts are logged on my personal page.


    I don't have the app installed on my personal page and I use diffent emails to log into them both. Not sure how these wires are crossed.

      DS Johnson,

      Your RA account can only be associated with one Facebook account, and vice versa.  Here's how you can switch your RA account to your other FB account:

      1. Go to the RA app in your FB personal account
      2. Go to the Preferences tab of the app
      3. Click the "Unlink" link at the bottom of the page.  You'll be asked to confirm the unlinking.
      4. Log into your work account in FB and install the RA app
      5. Go to the app.  It'll ask you to create a new account or enter your existing RA credentials.  Enter your RA credentials

      After that, your RA data will appear in your work account.