Adductor Muscle Pain. Do I try my BQ? (Read 69 times)


    I have been training for 6 months to try and qualify for Boston. My race is this 1st of December. I was felling great, until 2 week ago when I felt pain in my leg. Went to a Doctor, got my MRI and luckily nothing was broken, so he recommended a therapist for 10 days, which I started visiting for 6 days already. I've been doing laser, ultrasound treatments and taking Ibuprofen to get the swelling down. Have only done Stationary Bicycle for the last week, until today. I tried a 5 mile run, and felt the pain again only in the beginning and at the end. 2 hours later have problems even walking.

    I have only 12 days left for my Marathon. If I stop running and only swim or bike the remaining days, do I still try my BQ? What could possibly go wrong during the race or after, if a try to run thru the pain in the Marathon!?


    I'm really stressed about all of this!! HELP!


    karate girl

      I have no advice for you, I'm sorry.


      I just want to say that I am having the same issue as you, and it has been exactly two weeks....and I have a race on 11/30.  I have not seen the doctor yet, though, as I have paid the price (literally) for having scans done too early to be able to tell if something is fractured, and having to have more tests later.  It usually takes more than two weeks before you are able to see a stress fracture.


      Have you tried taping your leg to relieve the pain?


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        I think if you are having that much pain, you shouldn't try to BQ, or even race for that matter. You could run the risk of doing something way worse that may prevent you from running for a very long time. Since this has just popped up (according to what you wrote), it probably isn't chronic. Just really crappy timing.




        Have you tried Graston or A.R.T?