Unnecessary warning signs (Read 2819 times)

    So I've heard.  They were exclusively land based ones we had to watch for, though.

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      Seriously? Frogs?



      What about that road where all the crabs cross? Those could flatten your tires. 

      - Anya

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        Abover a western-style toilet in Nepal.


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          Man, I know that after a few meals in India, I felt like I was using the combot for sure.


            This signs deters people who are not familiar with chemistry to stay out of a Louisville, KY fountain.  Everyone in the fountain is either illiterate or has average intelligence.  Dummies who can read stay dry.   


              Seriously? Frogs?


              Hey!  I remember that sign!  I stopped and took a picture of it, too. Big grin

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                  This is the best place of all for signs




                    At the end of the ingredients list on a sour cream container:  contains milk.  Gee, I couldn't figure that out...

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                      Yes, my peanut butter contains peanut products.


                      Gee... I certainly hope so.


                      Also, our drug commercials are supposed to spit out a list of disclaimers and side effects.  My favorite is the birth control pill commercials that caution not to be used by women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant.    Ok then.



                          The people that make up our society deem these signs far from unnecessary.  Just my thought.  



                            Good thing I run instead of jog.

                            I don't half-ass anything


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