Race in 6 weeks. Need advice. (Read 70 times)


    I signed up for a 10 mile race awhile back. Throughout the last year I have trained consistently 40-50mpw with speed work once a week and one long run typically. Over the last month I had my licensing exam and had some family come in and have only been managing about 15 mpw for the last three or four weeks. I recently have had issues keeping paces that I would normally feel just fine with. My race is in exactly six weeks. I have not had a real structured week in about a month. Anyone have any advice for me as to how to prepare these next few weeks?

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      Just log whatever miles you can. Ignore pace, or comparing your current paces to where you were when running more regularly. Since your race is a 10-miler, some intervals and/or tempo work will help, but were I in your shoes, I would be careful to resist the temptation to make most of your miles hard.


      tl:dr version: Run as much as you can, mostly easy, sometimes harder.

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        Last week was 25 miles. This week will be around 30. Even though I have a good base, I'm just worried about going into the race over trained. Maybe I'm just over thinking it.