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    Hej Eric, There's something wrong with the "Follow route back to start" function. To be a little formal, let's say I route a P. The first point, p1, is at the foot of the P. The next, p2, is half up the vertical line. The point p3 is the upper leftmost corner. At the upper rightmost corner is p4. In the middle to the right is p5, and last but not least, p6 is at the same place as p2. Doing this in the map and clicking "Follow route back to start" works like a charm. Then I regret and hit the "Remove last point" icon. This is great too. But now comes the dirty thing: When I regret removing the point, I hit "Follow route back to start" again, and with that comes the trouble. It seems to be placing some points around p6 or p2. When I repeatedly hit "Remove last point" until the newest point is p5, then I thougth I could start over and from a new p6 "Follow route back to start". But that doesn't happen. Instead the route now goes from p5 to p6 and back to p5 (starting with p1, ..., p5). Or, well, that's what a few "Remove last point" clicks tells me. Something similar happens when I use "Create the return leg ...". Doing most of the P, p1, ..., p5, and clicking "Create the return leg ..." works fine. Then I "Remove last point" until p5 is the "newest" point. Then I regret this and click "Create the return leg ...", which now seems to do nothing. Now, clicking "Remove last point" until p3 is the last point, creating p4 and p5 once again, and then clicking "Create the return leg ..." will make a route from p1, ..., p5 and back to p3 (not p1). Indeed, there must be something wrong with the housekeeping of the datastructure holding the route. On the other hand (apart from the wrong starting point), reversing the route actually seems to fix at least some problems. (Reversing it twice might be a work-around when one comes into trouble.) I hope this was precise enough. Once again: runningahead.com is great. Great! Thank you!
      Hi Casper, I'm aware of this problem. It was mentioned in this post: http://www.runningahead.com/frm_topic.aspx?id=f624f959e4fe4ba582e559f0fd998620 The solution is not simple so I don't have a time line for it.