Would you run if it were not for the internet? (Read 967 times)




    I sure as hell wouldnt have done that stupid ass Monkey marathon.

     With all the rainbows and unicorns, it is refreshing that someone pointed out one of the downsides!


    Running is stupid


      I think it is brass monkey, not ass monkey.


      A Saucy Wench

        I think it is brass monkey, not ass monkey.

         ass, croch......just 2 sides of the same er....ah... coin?

        I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7


          Given that I didn't start searching for running info on the net until well after I started running, my answer is yes.  Whether I'd still be running is a good question, but my inclination would be towards yes.

          Consistently Slow

            The internet  and social media has no impact on whether I run (started in 1979).  However, I'm sure I run a few more miles and target specific paces more often than I would without the internet's vast "knowledge."

            +1. Started in 1989.Paper logbooks from runnersworld. RA  has take me to the ultra world. Facebook is my connection to more local marathon and ultra runners.

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              The internet expands the running experience, but certainly I would run without it.


              Coach Ken



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                Not sure if this meets the definition of "internet" in your question...but it is the feedback from the gadget (pedometer at first, gps now), deep integration of the log to give me a feedback loop. Without that I probably would have been satisfied with running around the block every now and then.


                Would it be fair to say an analogous question might be...Would you run a race if they didn't post the results afterwards, or does learning the results in context of the results of others motivate you to participate in the first place?

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                  To what degree does social media and the internet influence your choices around health, nutrition and activity?


                  I think a lot of my health habits were with me pre-internet.  And, I've always been the type to buy books on things I wanted to learn about, and that's still my primary way of learning about health and fitness.  But, I can think of a few ways it has influenced me. 


                  I've found a lot of motivation through the internet.  For example, being part of the 3:30 forum on RA was a real motivator for me this winter.  Now that I think about it, if it wasn't for the internet, I might not have ever run a marathon.  I think being exposed to different perspectives on running really made me think about why I had some of the opinions I had, what I wanted from running, etc.


                  I've also friended a lot of fitness pages and/or people on Facebook and some of their status updates are very motivating. RunnersWorld, Nike, my local running store, and my favorite sports producuts, all post motivating saying or graphics on an almost daily basis. 


                  I know a lot of people don't like her style and I don't particularly like how some of her health advice is starting to sound like medical advice, but I'm a huge fan of Jillian Michaels' podcasts.  She really motivates and inspires me to try to be a healthier person.  She's also the reason I also try to consume more organic products.


                  There probably are ways I could be using social media/the internet to be a better runner, though.

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                  My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


                    Runners run.



                      Running is stupid

                        One more cool thing about being an RA member is that every time I approach the finish line of a race, people are there shouting my username at me without even knowing it. Wink Makes me happy.
                          One more cool thing about being an RA member is that every time I approach the finish line of a race, people are there shouting my username at me without even knowing it. Wink Makes me happy.


                          That's great!  Didn't know RA was that popular until now.

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                            Well, they're shouting my username at all the runners. Smile

                            In it for the long run..

                              I started running in 1976- pre internet, for sure.  Also used the paper log books and still have my stack.  We did stupid "stunts" back then even without the internet.  I suspect I wouldn't be as obsessed with things like mileage and streaks without the internet.  I love RA and our community.  Facebook doesn't affect my running, although I love facebook.  It DOES provide a good place for me to share pictures of my running, though.

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                                I started running pre internet, ran a few race pre-internet, signed up for my first marathon 8 years ago, but mailed in a registration I picked up at the running shoe store.  Trained by myself for the race, ran it and was through.  Cross that off my list.  But then I discovered the local running club message board (nashvillestriders.com)  That got me involved in a discussion about some silly, hilly local marathon.  That got me to a lunch with other like minded runners.  Then I actually did a group run (for the first time in 30 years of running) and here I am today.  For better or worse.

                                The tangents are moot.