Would you run if it were not for the internet? (Read 967 times)

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    That is strange, indeed. 


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      L Train

        I had momentary panic about my spelling of you're, but with the help of my 4th grader I think I've got it.. 


          Your "you're" was correct.

            I would agree that I would be running, but probably not as consistently without an online running log. I was ,for a time, obsessed with keeping those pretty colorful lines on my graph nice and skinny.


            Now I'm finally mixing in a little biking and taking a relative break  (20mpw running) until my fall marathon training. I have to give some credit to the Hippie Philosopher who urged us to " develop your talent, not your log". 





              The internet made me smarter at first and then it made me dumber and now it is making me smarter again.


              I think I would be running, but maybe not at the same level? Certainly it has made it easier to organize training groups in town, especially since we don't have an established club scene.

              sincerely silly

                I probably wouldn't run. I'd go back to thinking it was boring and painful like I used to, and that I'd never be able to do it and enjoy it. It took friends doing marathons (and posting on facebook!) and just gaining inspiration from all of you other runners to get started. :-)

                shin splints are my nemesis

                  I was thinking about going for a run tonight, but why?  I can read about it here instead.  Come to think of it, I'd probably have been faster in school if I ran more miles and spent less time trying to solve text puzzles over a 300 baud modem.


                  I cant wait to see what kind of technology keeps me from running in 20+ yrs.


                    GO WEST

                    USE HAMMER


                    Maggie & Molly

                      I ran before the internet but I honestly think that finding the LLR after coolrunning collapsed is what has kept me moving through injuries, life, etc, etc.   I now run longer, better and more often because of the ability to log stalk, training plans being shared and general "you can do it" type of support. 

                       "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
                      Wisdom of Confucius

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