June 2015 update summary (Read 707 times)

    Summary Page Lock down

    Many of you reported that you accidentally delete widgets from the summary page, especially when you're on your touch based devices.  The widget controls are now hidden by default.  You need to click the "Edit Layout" button to enable editing.


    Hi Eric - I can't find the "Edit Layout" button. It is likely right there but not seeing it. Thanks

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      Where is the download of the workout as a GPX file?


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        I think this is the normal behavior


        After I did this and saw the red disconnect button, my new runs started loading


        You have to make sure garmin express is running on your computer for runs to be sent to garmin connect. I guess if after going through this process, and then running, if you see the run on garmin connect and not on running ahead, then there's a problem.


        I use this GC feature with strava as well, and very occasionally it does not work, and I have to load the run manually to strava. Not sure where the issue is for that, but maybe RA will have the same (very occasional) problem.


        Thank you.

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          Hi TeaOlive,

          The map data is anonymized.  There is no leakage of personally identifiable info.  Please send me a private message if you have any concerns.


          eric Smile


          Thanks Eric.


          Your site is the best!




          eric :)

            Runs not uploading from GC. I go to tools. Click applications.It send me to Garmin. Garmin sends me back to RA. Instead of the blue connect button there is a red disconnection button.


            This only tells GC to send RA data.  GC does not send anything immediate until you upload a workout. That's my guess.  Garmin document did not talk about the actual use case flow.

            eric :)

              Hi Eric - I can't find the "Edit Layout" button. It is likely right there but not seeing it. Thanks


              The button is on the upper right corner of the summary page, where the Widgets button used to be.




                Not sure if I should open up something separate about this, but...


                Was it intentional to lose the ability to move forward or backward between workouts (in the workout view)?  Before there was a forward/backward arrow to move to the next or previous workout without having to g back to the calendar...

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                  Great improvements - thanks Eric!


                    Thanks, Eric!  I'm always so excited when there's a new feature on the site!  I'm sure it'll take me a few days to get used to downloading the workouts, though.


                    I'm surprising myself by disagreeing with some posters upthread about the new layout for the individual workout page.  While I don't particularly care about the map - I run the same routes over and over so in that regard it's wasted space - I think I like the ribbon across the top and frame on the left that summarizes the key elements of the workout.


                    On Run Spots, as a resident of a major metropolitan area, I see a lot of thick blue on the popular running trails and thin blue on almost every street, so not super helpful.  I also notice what you mentioned in the guide - thick blue on roads that I imagine local runners don't really run on frequently but are part of RnR USA's course.  But, I can see this being really helpful when I travel to smaller cities.

                      I like it.  It took a few minutes to get used to but I do like it. Thanks for putting in the effort.



                        There was a bug where the private maps flag was not honored.  It has been fixed.


                        Thank you!


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                          Looks like we need to do some recruiting in the Dakotas / Wyoming / Montana area.


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                            Thank you, Eric!  I am liking some of the new features!


                              Love the new look!

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                                Worked like a charm. I didn't need my computer to log my run. Thanks!