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    I am planning to add a day of biking in the next part of my training.  I am wondering how long I should ride to get the equivalent of 4 mile easy run in terms of aerobic fitness.  Keep in mind that I am slow, so 4 miles running would take me close to an hour.  Is it a matter of HR?  If so, I have a HR Monitor I could pull out of the closet and dust off.  I also have access to a trainer for indoor use, and hills outside if need be.  


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      It's harder to get your HR up cycling than running when you're a runner, and vice-versa. So for now it might be better to go for perceived effort when you're riding. Other than that, I would do what you did when you started running, maybe start with 30 min or whatever and work up over a few weeks. In my experience, you can ramp up your cycling miles or time on bike a bit faster than you can ramp up your running.


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        I use a 3:1 ratio

        3 km riding = 1km running

        Some people say its 4:1 but I tend to think its more 3:1

        Go for a 12mile ride see what you think

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          I think adding a 15 mile bike ride would be awesome cross training to add in addition to your running schedule. If using it to replace a run, it will not have the same effects as running. If looking for variety, go for it. If trying to enhance race performance, run instead.

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            It sounds like you are on the same speed level as me, 4 mph.  I'm doing low HR training (walk/run) and added biking for cross-training.  I have a mountain bike I put on a magnetic trainer.  A mountain bike is slower, but I'm not after speed with this.  Here is what I hope to gain by this:  simulating speed work and hill training.  By using a low gear, I can practice higher cadence and still keep a low HR.  Or, after a low gear warm up, I can move up several gears, try to maintain a good cadence, and monitor the HR and mileage.  As an example, here is my workout for this evening.  I just pressed the lap button on my Garmin for each mile on the cycle computer.

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              I use a 3:1 ratio

              3 km riding = 1km running

              Some people say its 4:1 but I tend to think its more 3:1

              Go for a 12mile ride see what you think


              3:1 seems about right to me, too...that's generally what I've seen others reference, as well.

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                I have also heard 3:1 and 4:1 both. I think honestly either one would be fine to use. Biking is excellent cross training... especially if you do a hill workout setting. It can get so difficult you can barely pedal and that is the kind of biking that increases heart rate. I've seen my heart rate get pretty high on a bike. It is just harder to do than running. I think adding biking is a great idea... have fun!