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    I am running my first full marathon at WDW.  From my look at the course map. the worst sections appear to be the stretch between the Speedway and Animal Kingdom, and the upper teen mile stretch along Osceola Parkway between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  



    I've run 11 Disney races (4 HMs, 3 fulls) and I've never been bored.   Well, Osceola Parkway can be mentally challenging, but it's not too bad.


    The worst part is miles 11 and 12 (specifically near mile marker 11) -- part of the section between the Speedway and AK.  Unless, of course, you like the aroma of Disney's 'Food Compost Waste Facility' ...  on a positive note, it encourages you to stay on pace...

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    Running Chick

      wow.  i am kind of a simple girl.  embarrassing but true -  i simply run about 12 miles 3/week all year long with very few races injected into the routine.  i've done boston, and the qualifier, and a few here and there that are fairly local to my boston location, but it's not my 'norm'.  BUT, disney and the princess races sound unbelievably AWESOME and just plain super fun.  Smile  love.

        Disney races are the most enjoyable that I've run, which is why I keep going back. You will not be bored. There are some parts that are worst than others but overall, the races are entertaining.

        CT JEFF

          The volunteers / spectators are great! I loved seeing the different characters and scenes etc along the WDW course, but I ran into this amazing race report from Disneyland. I loved this race recap.



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