I'm leaving to Rome!!! (Read 518 times)

    O.K. in 10 hours I'll be leaving to Rome; Sunday, March 18th. I'll be running the Maratona della Città di Roma. It's my first (asphalt) marathon and I'm so nervous I know I won't be able to sleep tonight. I just want to finish it, no matter how long it takes me; I can picture me arriving to the finish line at the Colliseum and just with this thought tears come to my eyes. It's going to be magical.
      Oh, wow, a finish at the Colliseum ... that's awesome! Best of luck for a safe trip and a fantastic race! Cool
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        Wow...Just thinking about finishing a race there makes me get butterflies! Have a fantastic time and race well! Smile k

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          That sounds so incredible. Being near the Coliseum just gives me chills, anyway - I can't imagine finishing a marathon there! Smile
            WOW! how fun and exciting! my BFF was just transfered to Siciliy and we keep toying with the idea of running the Rome Marathon together some year. I can only imagine how incredible it's going to be...enjoy! Big grin
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              Good luck in this wonderful, wonderful city. You should have plenty of time to adjust to time change and carbo loading in Italy is no problem whatsoever Big grin. Hope you will share your marathon experiences with us. I am so envious. Have fun. Ewa
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                Wow - that sounds incredible.....race report afterwards pretty please !!! With pictures if possible !!!!