Blog-style view (Read 554 times)

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a blog-style view for our workouts - something kind of similar to the Workouts screen, but that exposed the comments without having to click to on a specific workout to view them. I'm the type of person who does tend to write a fair bit about why a workout went the way it did, and being able to see a week's worth of comments or so at once would be super helpful. Plus, I like looking at other peoples' workouts too... Wink
      Oooh, that's an interesting feature. It's definitely something I'll consider, but I can't do it right now because of other immediate features. eric Smile
        That is a cool idea. On a related note, Eric, I love the way when you mouse over a workout in the Calendar view it brings up a box with stats about that workout. It would be really cool if that box contained more stuff. In particular the shoe and notes fields would be awesome. The shoes because I often forget to change the shoe when logging a workout and it automatically uses yesterday's shoe incorrectly and if I could quickly mouse over the days of the calendar and see the shoes I would easily spot mistakes--since I know what shoe I wear for each type of run. And the notes would be cool because generally thats the guts of the run, especially if it was a workout.

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