Can't see my year total miles (Read 48 times)


    Hi there! I started using and loading my workouts into Running Ahead last week and I thought it was a very easy setup! All my workouts uploaded automatically from Garmin Connect and they were showing up in my running club's 1000 mile log.

    Today though I logged back in, I saw that I had about 4 notifications in my imported workouts icon so I went there and at the bottom clicked on Save All workouts. Then I went to check where I was standing in my club's 1000 mile log and now the site is only showing me as having a total of 24.6 miles for the year. If I go to my summary I can see the amount of miles I have each month, but yet the total for the year shows as 24.6 miles. Help!

    eric :)

      Hi Titi273,

      Your stats are updated.  I'm not sure why they were not updated correctly before.  I'll be looking into it.


      eric Smile


        Thank you so much, Eric!