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    Wohoo! I did my first long run this morning. It wasnt too long... or too fast... and it was on a dredmill but I did it! I was planing the run for today on the road but it was already 80 and humid. I also thought the treadmill would be easier on my beginner legs. I ran for an hour non stop. I went over 5 miles!!! 5.23 miles 11:40 pace Now for a day off Big grin


      Nice job! Enjoy your well-deserved day off! Smile

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          Congrats to you!





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            AN HOUR??? Good job!!! Most non-runnin' people think 10 minutes is crazy! WTG Big grin

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              Alright! Good stuff. Enjoy the "afterglow" and the anticipation of your next run. Oh and don't apologize for the DM. I'm in the south and waited too long to do my "easy 3" outside today. It was torturous - like an oven! Have a great day! Smile
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                Good Job ----- I know what you mean about being hot in MA........as I live in West Boylston (were neighbors). I went out yesterday morning at 8:00am for a scheduled 3 mile run and came back a while later soaked in sweat (and the air was so thick - It was hard to run at all) .Doing the treadmill thing yesterday in MA was a pretty good idea. John A

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                  Well since this is the place to brag.... I did my second long run today. I could have gone longer but I didnt want to hurt myself. I still feel pretty good. We'll see tomorrow if im really sore or not. It was pouring rain out this morning so I ran on the treadmill again. Roll eyes Longest run to date... http://www.runningahead.com/logs/0c34b632741a40519a831ee275388240/workouts/7d59b51ea24c4be299c89027daf285d3 8.4 mile 11:38 pace I also broke 20 miles this week. Im gonna take it easy this week tho. I have my first race this Saturday Cool