Different Paces for Monthly and Overall Stats (Read 49 times)

    I noticed that I have different paces for the Overall Stats for 2013 and the Monthly Stats for 2013.  As in, both values are the same for the mileage and the time, but the paces are different.


    Monthly Run Stats


    January 2013 - 139.4 miles, 9:15 pace


    Overall Run Stats


    2013 - 139.4 miles, 8:03 pace.


    For some of my runs, I do not enter a time, only the mileage, so I'm guessing that the Overall Run stats for the current year is calculating these paces incorrectly.



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      The month and weekly pace is calculated from individual workouts with both distance and duration.  The annual distance and duration totals are cached and does not have individual workout info, which is why the pace is slightly off.  I'll consider caching data from workouts with distance and duration in the future.

        Thanks for the reply.  In this case, the paces are more than slightly off, differing by 1 minute and 12 seconds, and the overall pace is not realistic.

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