5 Months of Training (Read 700 times)

Just Be

    I was making some comparisons for myself today and I noticed something from my own progress that might motivate/inspire you guys (if you need it! Smile ). After 5 months of dedicated training, primarily structured around maximum aerobic function training runs with some personal customizations, my aerobic conditioning has improved significantly. Here are the first 5 miles of 2 runs. With the most recent run, I warmed up slowly to my max traning HR of 158, which I've found produces the fastest average times in my own case since a fast warmup (over less than 4 miles) will cause an early heart rate spike and my pace won't hold as strong. The data (Pace/Heart Rate): October 8th, 2007: Mile 1: 10:24/148 Mile 2: 10:55/149 Mile 3: 11:26/150 Mile 4: 11:05/153 Mile 5: 11:10/158 February 7th, 2008: Mile 1: 7:45/143 Mile 2: 7:41/146 Mile 3: 7:26/150 Mile 4: 7:13/154 Mile 5: 7:06/158
      Wow, look at you -- that 's a really impressive improvement!


      Just Be

        Thanks! Smile A testament to the effectiveness of low heart rate training!
          Wow! That's a great improvement.
          keep running!