Any Vegans on here?? (Read 556 times)

    Anyone on here vegan? My husband and I have been vegan since 2007. It's been fantastic! Ran my first marathon at a 3:16 in 2011 and it was HOT! I was age 41 and female Big grin Have never felt better being vegan!!  My husband used to have very high cholesterol levels and gall bladder disease. All that  is in the past after going vegan and he is as fit as a fiddle with perfect health and very low cholesterol. (and he's getting fast!)


    Just wondering if there are other vegans on this site. With Scott Jurek and Rich Roll's new books I'm sure it will be more popular and acceptable. 


    I normally just use this website to download my training but my husband discovered the forums tonight :Smile


    We like wine and beer too!! Cool

    Interval Junkie --Nobby

      Ovo lacto pesco vegetarian here.


      THat's a really impressive first marathon.  Congrats!

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        I'm vegan. Have been for about 5-6 years now I think.


        Nice first marathon, by the way!

          Thanks Trent!

            That's so cool Youngoffender!