Make swimming and cycling on "same level" as running (Read 569 times)

    Although I still love running the most, I'm starting to also get into triathlons. It would be great if Swimming and Biking/Cycling were given the same treatments (i.e. site features and importance) as Running, instead of being relegated as "cross-training". I think you would attract a lot more users this way, as triathlons become more and more popular each day, as well as just dedicated swimmers and bikers. Don't get me wrong, I really like this site so far. Great job on a simple and clean interface. It's the best training journaling site I've seen. I hope you take this request into serious consideration. Looking forward to using more of the site in the future! Thanks!
      bauntorun, The site started out as a running log only. After a few months, the demand for other workouts were so great that I added cross training support. To reduce the amount of changes, I added the cross training data to the summary page at the bottom. I'm not a triathlete and I'm not sure how best to present all three disciplines in an equitable manner. Do you have any suggestions on how to display the info so it will be useful to you? Let me know and I'll add it when I redo the reporting features near the end of this year. eric Smile
        I'd love for something like this to happen too, and for me, it can be achieved with something as "simple" (I'm a software engineer, so I know how complicated "simple" changes can be) as putting a toggle on the summary page or in the left navigation menu to change the primary workout from running to biking or swimming (I don't swim though... yet). This is the same pulldown that's in the options -> log preferences screen - putting it in the main log would just save a bunch of clicks. I like the way beginnertriathlete.com displays the combined volume of bike/swim/run workouts but the overall interface is so clunky (and ugly...) there that I can't use it. This is my first post - I just manually typed in a few months of coolrunning logs a few nights ago in a silly OCD-esque fit out of excitement to use your log. Love it so far!
          Tabs is an interesting idea and I'll have to think more about how it'll work when I redo the summary screen. Anyway, you shouldn't manually enter your old log. If you have months of data, I can import it for you. It sure beats entering everything manually.
            Thanks for the reply, Eric. Let me think about your request and get back to you (here). I have some ideas in my head, but of course they're not fully baked! Thanks again for creating this awesome site and for being really responsive to your users. I really like the cross-training grouping btw. That's a great way to capture other training (besides running/swimming/biking) that's essential to endurance sports. Cheers! P.S. can you import months of running data captured on a *paper* journal? Wink jk.
              Anyway, you shouldn't manually enter your old log. If you have months of data, I can import it for you. It sure beats entering everything manually.
              It was only a few months worth... and I already did in a spate of weird re-analysis of old workouts. I love your calendar view (coolrunning never had one) because it shows me how sporadic I am about running - which is not a good thing!
                Eric, Okay, I mocked something up real quick in Excel. I'm not a designer (just play one on TV), so please forgive the crude mockup. This is what I was thinking in terms of being able to quickly summarize running / biking / swimming totals. This would go on the "Training Log" page: Training Log Mockup Additional Note: I think the "Messenges" and "Weather module" should be moved from the Training Log tab to the Home page. A couple of benefits there: 1) when u log in, you would see any messages right away on the home page. and 2) that opens up the Training Log page for more training data
                  Oh, that Yearly Totals should be "Last 3" (of course, you could do whatever you want), and I know I totally misspelled "Messages" at the end there! Smile
                    Thanks for creating the picture for me. I think the problem will resolve itself if I make the whole page customizable. We'll see. There are several features that I need to add immediate. After that, I can start work on revamping the reporting pages.