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    Used GoRun 2 and GoRun Ride for my Boston trainng this year. For the race itself I used GoRun Speed, 2:59, new PB. All three shoes are great. As for the Speed it is absolutely the best marathon shoe today for me and I have tried them all......


      I've got 120+ miles on my first pair of Skechers GOrun Rides, which I bought on a whim after seeing them at the Skechers outlet store near my house. So far I really like them -- they've been instrumental in helping me switch from heel striking to a mid/forefoot strike. They seem to be holding up pretty well, especially the uppers which still look brand new.


      Today I went for a first run in my new pair of GObionic Rides. Definitely more road feel and a bit of a rougher ride, but overall a similar experience to the GOruns. The Bionics were $56 shipped from Amazon. I'll probably use the Bionics for shorter runs and maybe races until I'm back in better shape.  I plan to go pick up another pair of GOrun Rides next time I'm near the outlet store.


      Overall I'm satisfied so far with the price, fit, and quality of the Skechers, so I'll probably stick with them for a while.


        I really like the GoRun2, that's my main running shoe now. I like it for the light weight and the wide/flexible toe box.

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          I too have noticed Sketchers "running" shoes and have gone...  hmmmm.....  but I have a couple of pairs of Sketchers casual shoes and they are wonderfully comfortable.  as far as running shoes go, I run in minimalist, so it seems I don't ask for much in a running shoe anyway.  wait, does that sound like I'm dissin' Sketchers???  don't mean to, just think they might be worth a try.  have never heard of GoRuns.

          The original Go Bionic's are zero heal drop while Go Run's are at least 4mm. The newest generations have not stayed that course. Some Go Bionic models such as Go Bionic Ride are 4mm heal drop, so now one really needs to pay attention to the specs for the model they are looking at purchasing. The Go Ride series is generally heavier with more padding than the Go Bionics.


          DW & I have been wearing Go Walks that we got at a Sketcher outlet store for well over a year and love them. After reading RA threads and running reviews I decided to try a pair of Go Bionics. I had been running in Saucony Hattori and Vibram Sprints as well as BF when I decided to try the Bionics. After a hard half marathon in the Hattori's I had developed mild heel/PF pain when getting up in the morning. My coach suggested using a shoe with a little more padding and foam roller the calves, so I spent more time in the Go Walks during the day instead of Toms (which are very flat w/o cushioning) and skipped the foam rolling (to lazy? Hurts to much...) and went back to my old END OTG shoes which seemed to reduce the heel pain, so the decision to try Bionics was locked in at that point. Got the Bionics off Amazon for $55 and loved them. Have over 100mi on the initial pair (Charcoal/Lime), and just breaking in second pair (Black/Blue), 12mi. Am considering trying the Go Bionic Ride with 4mm heal drop but DW might kill me if I bought a third pair of running shoes...LOL  Besides I want to reintroduce the Hattori & Sprints into rotation to see if they aggravate the heel. Would try BF again but the group I'm running with lately has been running in non-BF friendly areas. That limits my BF to walking my dog in my neighborhood on non-running days. That said I love the Bionics and hope that Sketcher doesn't go the way of so many shoe mfg's and ruin the line by bringing out so many models and changing the original design and intent of the Go Bionic shoe.

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            good info, bobev, thanx.  I spend my life in the ole reebok real flex and saucony ride 5.  never opposed to trying something different.



              Personally I would NEVER consider them or suggest them to a customer. I feel like the soles on any of the Skechers running shoes is so airy of a compound that they would break down in two weeks. BUT if they work for some people I guess who am I to suggest otherwise. Keep getting what works for you because many people aren't as fortunate to have found it yet.

                I'm running in Altras at the moment, but my husband swears by the GoRuns.


                  They are legit. You should check them out.

                    I raced a marathon in the GoRun 2's on Sunday. Great marathon shoe.

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                      I got a pair for Christmas.      When I first started running in them I had a lot of trouble because my calfs kept tightening up to the point that it was very hard for me to continue much beyond 3 miles (at first I had to walk a little to loosen them up ever so often).      I have always run in full trainers and the 4mm toe/heel ratio on the GO RUN was hard for me to get used to.       But as I am getting used to that I'm finding they are good to run in.   I just completed 5 miles and feel fine so I'm getting used to them now and they help me with a better foot strike....


                      I like the wider shoe and they have some arch support (something that I need).


                      I wouldn't discount Sketcher running shoes so quickly.............If they're good enough for MEB the are definitely good enough of any of us.

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                          I just bought the GoWalks, and will be trying them out in Vancouver in 2 weeks.   I just hope there is enough support.

                          Very lightweight!

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                            i like how Skechers give you an alternate set of laces to differentiate between same colour pairs of trainers (ideal for use with the Equipment feature in RA's Training Log):



                            oh, these GoRun Ride's are also comfy, lightweight, good value and shit.

                            My leg won't stop mooing.


                            i think i've got a calf injury.


                              GoRun Ride2 Review





                                I picked up a pair of Go Run Rides last week. I bought them 2 hours after a 12 mile mile training run. They felt so good on my feet I had to try them. I also tried on some Go Run 2's bu they didn't have my size in stock. Both shoes were extremely comfortable on my tired feet. I was concerned about how the GoRun's felt while standing and walking but heck, I wasn't buying them to walk or stand in.I felt the Go Run 2's had a narrower toe box and they lacked much of that "bump" feeling while standing.


                                Prior to purchasing the GoRuns I was wearing ASICS 2170 with Green Superfeet insoles.


                                I've only put 15 miles (7,4,4) on the Go Runs and I can honestly say I am surprised at how much I like them. The "bump" isn't even noticeable while running. The shoes are extremely lightweight compared to what I'm used to. I think they feel a little soft but my feet and legs haven't objected. I did expect them to be cooler than they are. I wear tech socks in them and my feet were warm in these shoes. I noticed the moisture wicks to the surface of the shoe. The lightweight upper material feels more like a sock than a shoe which I like.


                                I will be wearing the Go Runs on a 14 mile run tomorrow so that will be a big test for them.


                                I'm thinking about picking up a pair of the Go Run 2's today while they are on sale.


                                So, to answer the question, Yes Skechers, Really!

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