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    I've been using the site for a couple of weeks now and love it. I'm trying to pay for a subscription, but when I fill out all the info and click [Continue] - nothing happens. I never get to the next page to confirm. I'm filling out all the info correctly.  Will try again tomorrow.

      Hi arlene-b,

      I'm sorry that you're having trouble.  I am unable to reproduce the problem and I cannot find records of what you did in the server logs.  Which web browser are you using?  The payment page requires JavaScript.  If you disabled JavaScript or blocking third party JavaScripts, then the page will not work properly.


      eric Smile


        That's so odd. I'm using Chrome and my java is working fine. I'll try again. Thanks Eric.


          I figured it out.

          I wasn't leaving the spaces in between my credit card number,

          for example, instead of 1234 5689 1234 5678

          I was typing 1234568912345678


          I've never had to leave the spaces before. Smile


            I don't think you have to put in the spaces.  I never did that myself during testing.


            eric Smile


              Eric, not to beat this horse to death (poor horse) but on my browser if I tried to enter the credit card number without the spaces the Continue button stayed faded and would not work.  I tried multiple times. I shop online daily and have never had that problem before.  Regardless ... I paid for the subscription a few hours ago and it worked, so 'nuff said. Smile