How can I print a map here? (Read 51 times)

    I know I can use the print options on my Chrome, Firefox or IE browsers.  I was hoping I could find a print button on this site though that would allow me to print the map only and ignore the rest of the screen

      Open the map.  Click the button in the upper right to maximize it.


      Print as normal in FF or Chrome (Control + P).  It is now full screen so will take up the whole screen.

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      Emil Zatopek

        F11 to put your browser in full screen mode, then click the Maximize button in the upper right of the map, then Ctrl-P to print.  Does that accomplish what you're after?


        (he beat me to it)  F11 I guess is unnecessary.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          Red Bird,

          There are no print buttons because in theory, only the relevant info on the page is printed while everything else is hidden.  I broke this feature when I made changes to the pages and forgot to update it.  I'll add it to my todo list.


          eric Smile