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    Hello everyone, On October 30th I was onroute to school and happened to get into a pretty severe bike riding accident resulting in a broken fibula. Of course, the doctor forbade me from any form of running whatsoever. Four painful sedetary weeks later I went for a followup visit where I was told, "keep doing what you're doing." I asked, "well, what about running? How do I get back into that?" The doctor merely replied, "Take it easy." No recommendations of PT or anything. OK. Easy for you to say. So, I was wondering how easy should I be taking it? I have made up my mind that I will probably be limited to the tredmill for a bit. But, beyond that, I really don't know what to do. Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum... -Eve

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      call your doc and get a straight answer. fishing here you may get the answer you want but not sound medical advice. I'm sorry about your accident but you have to focus on recovering completely first before starting to run again or you risk really screwing up your leg and spending even more time recovering. sorry!

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        I agree with Joe; talk to your doctor. Better yet, talk to a different doctor. 2nd opinions are great, especially when you aren't happy with what the first one is saying. If you can't, visit a sports therapist. They'd probably have a better idea of what would be best for you than a general practitioner anyway. This is the sort of thing that you want somebody who is actually knowledgable about this sort of thing and has the degree to prove it to actually look at you.

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          Yep. With all respect to contributors to this forum, that is a decision for the medical professionals. Even ask about the possibility of cross training to keep you active during your lay off from running. But, full recovery is numero uno.
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