Triathlon: Equipment (Read 567 times)


    I use this great tools for my workouts of swim,run and bike

    All it's good...but only a little request:

    When i plan triathlon, or make a race/workout of triathlon it's not possible to use the same equipment of run/bike


    It's possibile to insert this feature:

    -use MORE than one equpment every workout

    -Share an equipment for more activity than one.


    It's important for us to understand how many km make with the same shoes... and i use it for tirathlon and for run Smile

    And in triathlon we use BIKE and SHOES Smile

    Thank you very much


      No one answer me?

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        Log your workouts separately, this is what I do.  Equipment for runs are my shoes, for bike workouts it's my bike.  Simple.  You have separate workout categories...so I don't quite understand your confusion.  Have you already entered your various equipment items?

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          ok..this is the solution that i use now..

          But i prefer to set activity Triathlon, and use more than one equipment for every workout..