Disney Runners? (Read 819 times)

    It's going to be a little warm on Sunday, but what did we expect from Central Florida?


      I live in Central Florida so I defintely expected it. Wish it was going to be like last year though. So cold in the morning but boy was i loving that later in the race. And it still warmed up pretty good. Going to be sweating it out this year...maybe it will push me to finish sooner...beat the heat!

        Disney Report:


        Apparently they can start serving beer at 7am in FL. I finished my race at 6:57 and walked right over and bought a beer. I may have been the first one.


        Later we left the kid to be spoiled by his grandparents and hit the UK (Bass), France (Champagne), Japan (plumb wine), Italy (Moretti), then Germany for dinner where the beer was consumed in one liter steins. That kinda nuked us and I was just able to down a Patron margarita after in Mexico. We'll go back later to punch the rest of our passport.


        Oh, the race was good too. Early start. Ran in the dark fog. Hot and humid but my mile splits were all within about 10 seconds and my overall placing was much better than I hoped.