A 5k PR after 3 years (Read 250 times)

    mrakers, happy for ya.  I think you can run 18:30 in 2014.  Definitely.


    Man...setting the bar a lot higher for me than I'm mentally able to after eating 12,000 calories over the last five days...


    Thanks Nader!

      Just want to say a huge congratulations and THANK YOU for giving me hope--I set my 5k PR last year and have been battling injury (including SI joint inflammation) ever since.  It's inspiring to hear you really can come back.  How'd you build back up so well?


      Also, nice splits.  Well done and I am happy for you.




      After spraining my SI Joint, I saw my chiropractor and got adjusted. That was a turning point for me because I had to figure out why. For me, it was because of weight gain. I had put on some excess weight in the winter and was able to drop it off by summer time. I didn't do a TON of running over the summer due to my busy work schedule, but then I jumped back into it come September.


      All in all -- I have no idea what the key was. I hit less weekly miles during this time and hadn't raced in 3 years. It was just a good race.


      March 1 will be the new test where I am going to try and take on the sub 19 and see what happens. For now, it's wise with my eating and trying to get in two workouts a week while running every day. Going to try to push 50 miles a week starting the new year as opposed to the 35-40 I was getting.


      I wish I had some inspiration that gave a formula for success - but I am clueless.


      rather be sprinting

        Maybe the reduced mileage actually helped you?  While I'm usually skeptical of chiros, now I'm intrigued by that too.  I have no idea either, but good luck with sub-19.  That's a barrier I'd love to break in an official race, as well.


        (My SI joint issue wasn't weight-related, but it was load-related--I do a lot of heavy squatting and deadlifting at the gym, which is apparently not that great for the sacroiliac, go figure.  I hear SI joint issues are all about force applied to the joint rather than any sort of weakness or imbalance, so the lucky part was there was no need for PT or anything).

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          It may have helped me. The reduced mileage could have been key, but part of me wonders if some of it was the fact that I hadn't raced in three years and had been doing the same boring runs every day for so long with no change, that suddenly by starting to do some 400m repeats and 800m repeats a couple of times a week shocked my body back into a lack of boredom.


          I too was skeptical about chiros before hand, but I was limping around for a week and unable to run when some friends asked me why. Found out a close friend of theirs practiced a mile from my home, so I figured it was worth a shot. As soon as I laid on the table, he told me my right leg was an inch shorter than my left, pressed on my lower back and said that made them the sang length and then told me it looked like an SI joint. I was still skeptical until until he looked at my back and placed his hand in the mid of my back right on a knot that I didn't know that I had. He told me 6-7 treatments would have me, and lo and behold, it took 7 before he released me and told me I was good to go.


          Maybe I got lucky, I don't know? My chiro was in a "wholistic" office, meaning there was a Physical Therapist, MD, and Chiropractor all under one roof and they worked together. Thus, I got free PT advice to recover as well.


            "Yep, I got beat by a girl...she ran a heck of a race."



            It's okay.  Last year I got beat by a guy pushing a stroller.  Last weekend, running much faster, I got beat by 8 & 10 year old sisters!  But they kicked ass for that age, running around 6:55 / mile Smile


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