Santa is watching you run (Read 427 times)


    Which, in my case, means he's seen those less than successful snot rockets and knows that I've been lying when I blame the dog drooling on me for those unattractive mucous smears on my shirt after a run.  He also knows that I don't lift weights.


    How about you?  What does that jolly old fat man see when he's spying on your run?



    Hollie S.

    Merry Christmas!

      Nothing!!!! Cuz my knee is injured after my racing season and I haven't run for about a month. So he sees nothing.Wink

      I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(


      Proboscis Colossus

        By the look of it, if you could somehow get his glasses, he wouldn't see much of anything.

        "God guides us on our journey, but careful with those feet." - David Lee Roth, of all people


          Santa's watching me shovel a lot the past few days.  That's for sure!


          There's something about taking a picture of yourself in the mirror that just isn't too classy.  Remind me to never do that, EVER!

            OK, I have a confession.  In my last race, there was a couple coming up behind me.  They were going a little faster than I thought, and apparently I was fading faster than I thought.  When I went to move towards the next turn, I heard a "Hey!" from behind me- apparently I was closer than I thought!  There was no contact and everybody was fine, but I felt bad.


            Since Santa already knows, now the rest of you can too.


            never runs the tangents

              He saw me pick up dog poop even though it was early and no one else was around so I totally could have gotten away with pretending it wasn't me. I'm afraid that he also saw me ditch it in the dumster where that remodel project is going on down the street.

              “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who