On iPad Safari getting double entries (Read 311 times)


    1. From my Safari shortcut on my home page, I click on the icon and I am logged into runningAhead. 2. Click on new run entry 3. Click on new entry's 4. Enter 5 for miles. Click on save 5. Click on calendar, two entries are listed. FYI I used ipad2


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      Bugs - No idea what may be happening for you, but I just tested with a log entry from iPad and did not get duplicate log entries.

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        I could not reproduce on iPad either (iPad 2 w/ ios 5.0.1 (9A405)).  Did this happen once or does it continue to happen? 


          I don't have an ipad so I can't test it at the moment.  I will check it out when I get hold of one probably later this week.  The code doesn't behave any differently on an ipad or Safari.  Could it be that you're not clicking the save button cleanly?  Next time, try a crisp clean tap and see what happens.


            Me neither. I haven't experienced any issues with duplicate entries on an iPad (original)

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