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    After a looong and cold winter without races (last one a HM in November), today we had the first race of the year in West-Vlaanderen (North-West Belgium). Due to the excitement, I almost didn't slept last night. It felt like an exam you've been preparing (training) for 4 months, and don't know which way it'll go Roll eyes About the race itself (10 miles), I started a little bit too fast and had some troubles between km's 10-13, but hey, I did a PR (what usually happens when you run a distance for the first time Big grin ) on 1h13' So, the first one is done, now looking for the next race on the 30th March. The running season has finaaaally staaarted !!!! Smile

    Targets 1) No injuries 2) Keep having fun 3) Some kind of PR

    Into the wild

      Nice work Rafa...go get 'em Big grin Boy, you been putting in some serious kms - It looks to me, especially after you 10 mile time, that your goals this year are gonna might have to be revised down.. McMillan and a pinch of salt offers half marathon of 1:36 and a marathon of 3:24... By the way, I'm on The Larzac Plateau near Millau in France and found today's temperature to be perfect Smile at 11°c; what was your weather like? Which race are you running at the end of March...? M.T.A typo stuff

      Shut up and run

        Hi Johnny, Thanks ! Well, I just started running 15 months ago (after around 10 years of absolute nothingness), so I'd rather keep my targets humble. Next year perhaps I can push them a little bit more. Big grin The weather here is .... belgian, what normally means gray, windy and somewhere between 5 & 15 degrees. Undecided Today it's around 10° C Salutations Rafa

        Targets 1) No injuries 2) Keep having fun 3) Some kind of PR