good lower leg stretch recommendations? (Read 396 times)


    grr, here we go again...Hopped back onto the tread last week, after taking 2-3weeks off and totally resting my legs...This time around (last week), my plan was to just go 3days, and i made sure to slow down my pace...Monday and Wednesday were really clean- i was able to do my workouts without having to stop, no feel of pain, no over-exertion. But by Thursday, i'd developed a nagging sharp cramp in my lower left leg (not in the back, but on the front inner side muscle...)- this was also the same pain i came down with initially. I kept Thursday as a rest day and then tried to do something on Friday, but the cramp was awful and i was only able to go 15min before my body said "enough!". /whine Question...is there any specific stretch that i can do that will target that area? I do a handful of leg stretches, but nothing that feels like it is specifically working that spot... *I notice the cramp most when i am pushing off on my foot....going up/down stairs, with my left leg extended...ouch!*