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    Just got my "sorry but due to oversubscription..." letter from the organisers of the London Marathon today. My application for entry in April next year was rejected, i was one of the unlucky ones in the ballot. I knew I didn't have a great chance of acceptance but what a bummer! I was really hoping my first marathon would be the London next year...i'm pretty gutted to be honest. Cry Will have to look for an alternative i guess... Cheers D

      Rotterdam? See http://www.fortismarathonrotterdam.nl/ (the 'english' button is below and right...). It is one week before the London marathon and is famous for its great atmosphere. bas

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        RunningHammer ... I also got my 'no entry' letter from FLM yesterday ... I was very dissapointed. Despite loads of 1/2M and 10K I've still not done a full marathon - so, like you I'm on the lookout for an alternative. I may try Anglesey later in 2007 (gets good reports at www.runnersworld.co.uk). Maybe next year eh? Regards Neil

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          Thanks Neil & Bas Rotterdam's out unfortunately due to money (or lack of money!) I was thinking about the Duchy Marathon in Cornwall - it's a month before the London but the training program i started could be adapted i think... plus my family are there so i could cut back on hotel costs possibly Wink Nice scenery and a pasty could sway me in to applying...

            This is the first time I've been inspired to post - RunningHammer have you considered that a number of charities have places for the marathon. They do involve a commitment to raise money but it's for a good cause and the amounts you commit to are not too bad. For example, check our www.kithandkids.org.uk as they have details of how to apply. You have to search on the site a bit, but the details are there. Minimum you commit to raise is £1300 but I think that's pretty 'do-able'. Just did my second long run today (been running 11 weeks). 8.5 miles (not long for others, but long for me) and I hurt!! But it was fantasitc. Totally hooked too. Good luck in finding an alternative.

              mindovermuscle hi, yes i did consider the charity places - my chosen charity is Cancer Research but they want you to raise 2 grand! Shocked even £1300 is unlikley for me - i did raise £760 doing the Great South Run in October but that wildly exceeded my expectations and i doubt i could raise that again let alone more....
                Bummer. Sorry, man. I know how frustrating that can be, and I'll bet you were especially looking forward to a marathon as cool as London. That one is on everybody's must-do list, I think. I plan to use it as an excuse for another trip to Europe, one of these days. How hard is it to get past the lottery? If you get rejected one year, are you guaranteed the next - or something like that? MindoverMuscle's charity suggestion is a good one: I've known people who got to do some great runs, even Boston, by doing the charity thing (although you don't want to know what I think of 6 hour marathoners doing Boston just cuz they raised some bucks .... :rollSmile. Sounds like a lot of money to raise, though. What about Edinburgh? Don't they have a good one?
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                  Unfortunately entries into the Edinburgh Ballot closed on December the 1st which'd put you in a similar position there! Doh! (aswell as having to trek up to Scotland from London which wouldn't be cheap!) I like the sound of a Cornish Pasty to finish the race though......two bites and it'd be gone! Might use that one! I'm sure you know already but www.runnersworld.co.uk gives you a pretty good listing of events if you register for the site. Failing that the aac should be a good source for other races. Scottish Athletics has a good site for this which I refer to so I'd think there'll be a similar one for down your way as well! Cheers and good luck, FC

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                    Pasty and beer after a race... :faints: Dammit, now I'm hungry! Tongue k

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                      Pasty and beer, sounds like heaven to me! Cool