Daily Vitals (Read 39 times)


    I'm using Running Wizard, and when I enter the recovery indicators, I can then go to Running Ahead, view the Calendar, click on Daily Vitals, and then make minor edits. For example, in the RW page, the weight accepts no decimals. So I go to the Daily Vitals to edit it and enter the weight with decimal values.


    1. Is there any way to allow the recovery indicators to accept decimal values so we don't have to use a roundabout method I just described?


    OK, now let's say I forgot to enter my recovery indicators one day. What I have typically done in those cases is enter the recovery indicators for today, and then edit the Daily Vitals, including the date, to enter the missing data. That will also typically clear the Recovery Indicator values in RW. I can then go into RW and re-enter the values for today, and all is well. But today, I noticed that the trick didn't work. When I went to the calendar, there was no Daily Vitals to edit. However, when I looked at Workouts and tried to edit them, the value for heart rate and weight were saved.


    2. Is there any way to directly access Daily Vitals, even if no entry was made, for any particular date?




    MTA: I was able to figure out another round-about method to make up for a lost entry. When I went to Calendar, then Daily Vitals, I clicked on Copy instead of Edit, and that allowed me to create an entry, so I think that takes care of #2 above. However, when I went back to RW, the recovery indicators show that I slept for 16 hours instead of 8! It's a minor bug that probably doesn't require fixing.