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    Hello, my name is Ryan. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a been having some problems the with my knees my past two daily runs. If someone could hit me with some knowledge I would appreciate it. First I'll give you some background that may aid in your helping me. I just started running the last week in march. Usually I run on a gravel track but every now and then I'll run on the street. Never on treadmill or turf or anything like that. My distance has gone from about 2 laps to a regular distance run of 12 laps and a pace run of 6 laps. I've pretty much just been able to do 12 laps and have only done it twice. My schedule is HILL SPRINTS FRIDAY AND TUESDAY | distance saturday and  monday | PACE(usually timed) SUNDAY. So on my last two runs my knee's have been feeling somewhat bad. It doesn't really feel like a burn but maybe I'm getting in my head about it. It happened two days ago so I took yesterday off. Today I did a medium pace run and it felt worse. It was bad enough that I stopped halfway through my 6fh(and last) lap and rubbed it a little before finishing. Also, my left calf is really stiff. I don't know if this is a problem because it happened once before about two weeks ago and didn't bother me on the run the next day. Right now it's been about 1 hour since the run and my left calf is still pretty stiff and left knee feels a little better while my right knee I barely feel a little stiffness. Other things to note: I always hydrate before the run and drink water throughout the day. Both times I ran after eating while literally every other time I've run right after I get up without anything to eat. I also have been playing a lot of basketball the past two weeks for about an hour and even on my rest days.


    TL;DR - Knee's and calfs stiff and have sensation worse than a burn.

    Should I push through it or should I rest or do something about it?


    Thank you for any help with that. I also have a small running question about hill sprints if you don't mind.


    Ok, so when I do hill sprints my max has been 5. Always. Every time I get done with 5 my legs feel like they are going to fall off and my lower ass burns more than anything I've ever felt burn. Every time. I want to do more though. I'd like to do ten but every time I do 5 I get the same sensation like I'm not getting any results or something. I have tried resting and going for more but when I sit down to rest I start cramping bad and my ass really hurts so I end up walking home. (the hill I do this at is about a half mile away and on a semi busy street) How do I get to be able to do more of these?


    All help is appreciated, thank you very much Big grin


    P.S I'm Male and TL;DR means too long didn't read


      If I understand your post, you have been running for less than one month?  Your longest run is three miles and you are trying to do speed work and hill repeats.


      My advice:  slow down, be patient. You are a new runner. Don't worry about running fast, just run at an easy pace. Run a few times per week, and gradually build up your mileage. It will strengthen your legs.  Soreness is okay, pain indicates a problem.

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        Totally. Take it easy and scrap the hill workouts. As for the tightness and subsequent knee problems, check out the mobility stuff at this link. I can't tell you how much I've been helped by Kelly Starett's approach: