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    I workout on a treadmill and use Zwift for workouts and data files. I typically go to Zwift Feed and download the original .fit file, then use RA's File Importer to import the .fit file. Today the .fit file did not load and I received an error message. I then went to Garmin Connect and downloaded the original .fit file and tried to upload that one....same error message. Finally I downloaded a .tcx file and tried to upload that format and got another error message.


    Anyone else having issues uploading files via the file importer?


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      Yeah I just got the same thing trying to manually load my bike workout's tcx file.



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        I had that problem today.  The file didn't show up from Garmin.  When I dowloaded the TCX file from Garmin and tried manually upload it, as I have done in the past, I got this error:


        This file cannot be imported. Possible reasons are:

        • Your data file is not in the correct format.
        • The file is in a new format.
        • There is a bug in the importer code.

        If you are certain that the file has no errors, please contact me for assistance.


        ETA:  It works now.

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          importer seems to be down again

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            Down for me too today.

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              Not working for me either.

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                Same thing. Yesterday's workout was there on Garmin Connect but not showing up here. So I tried to manually import it, still no dice. Something in the pipeline appears to be clogged. Glad it's not just me.


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                      Same here... reliable as a rock for years but not importing from connect last night or today.



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                          Broke here too.


                            This again?! It seems to happen every couple of months. I am not able to upload either


                              Half of my stuff from yesterday imported. Nada today. Understand that this is done on a shoestring. Carry on Smartly!


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                                Yup, busted again today.