Weather Wimp? (Read 699 times)

    And to think I wimp out Shockedwhen it rains. You are an inspiration. Next time it pours (and they promise rains this week) I am going to run. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Ewa
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    Barefoot and happy

      Running in bad conditions is just like any kind of running: it gets easier the more you do it. I think the biggest challenge is psychological. Once you get over it, you realize that it doesn't make much difference in how you feel. The first mile or two might be uncomfortable, but once you're warmed up (and wearing proper clothing) the weather doesn't really matter. Some of my best races have been in horrible conditions. Smile
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        I ran outside on Sunday and it was 16F and pretty windy. My fingers were the worst when i got back. The sidewalks are very icy and some people never cleared them after the blizzard last week and they have a foot of snow on them yet... Anyways I finally broke down and got a membership to a gym to run on their stupid treadmill.
          I just did 3+ miles in 23 degree weather. The sky is clear with a big-ass moon & no substantial snow on the horizon. I hate working out at a gym. I'd rather upgrade the family treadmill if I get forced indoors but, that's not likely to happen anytime soon. I gotta respect you guys already running in low temps & snow but, I not moving indoors until I absolutely got to. I'm still working out the right kind of winter gear but, I'm mentally ready for Old Man Winter.