IE Problem with Saving Maps (Read 669 times)


    I'm having problems saving a new course. Whenever I save a new course/map, IE blows up and has to close. I know of one other person that is having this problem. We both use IE 6.0.....company has our computers locked down. Any thoughts?
      Hi Al, Could you be more specific about the error? IE blowing up could mean different things to different people. Thanks! eric Smile

        Hi Eric. A pop up window comes up from Internet Explorer stating that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. There is a link to more information regarding the error message and buttons to either Debug or Close. I just tried saving the default map without any course markers applied and it seems to be working. The next window after pushing the save map button brought up the field boxes to enter a course name and so forth. However, as soon as I plot a course and try to save it, I get the error message. Update: The problem must have something to do with our company's version of IE or IT departments lockdown of our laptops. I was able to save courses on my personal PC which uses IE 7.0 vs 6.0 on my business laptop.
          Al, Thanks for the update. I think it might have something to do with some security software that tries to limit java scripts. Some of these software products can be quite invasive. I know because my company's product is in the security arena and it does some nasty stuff to prevent you from doing stuff. These products are not the perfect solution to access control because there are ways to get around them. Worse still is they introduce odd behaviors and users would unknowingly think it's the host applications that were poorly designed, but I digress. eric Smile