Goal to run everyday of the year in 2010 (Read 655 times)

    I am seriously thinking about running everyday of the year in 2010. So far I have hung in there 23 consecutive days. Any one else want to join me, or any body done this and would like to comment.

      Hi Mike,


      Feel free to come on over to our group.  We have quite a few people that run every day.




      Personally, I am at day 753 after my run this morning, so just over two years.  We have a good group, and though it has been kind of quiet in there recently, they really are a help when the going gets tough.



        WOW, that is impressive Jeff. Thanks for the invite, look forward to more conversation.

          I'm going for the same thing. I'm joining the group too.
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            I have a 171 day streak going and I am thinking I would like to make it to at least a year.  It has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  It started when I was training for this past fall's marathon and moved to 7 day a week training.  After the marathon, literally the day after, I thought "there is no point in breaking the streak" and so far there just hasn't been a reason to not run any particular day.  I usually take one lighter day during the week, which, depending on my weekly mileage, is between 3 and 6 miles.  I kinda see it as one more notch to put on my belt; as in I ran a half-marathon, I ran a marathon, I ran every day for a year, etc.

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